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Asian Ports

Top 10 Ports for exporting in Asia

Export from Asia Exporting from Asia makes up a very large portion of international export and shipping. Low cost labor allows manufacturing costs to remain lower than other international areas making the Asia Pacific area a prime location to produce cheap goods. Electronics, automoti

Three of the largest container shipping carriers form alliance

A Container Shipping Alliance between Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co. and CMA CGM These large container shipping companies agreed to establish an alliance to improve and optimize operations and service offerings.  The three carriers own charter ships with about 6.4 million TEU
A Freight Forwading Compa

Why use a freight forwarding company?

As an expert in supply chain management – A forwarding agent or freight forwarding company will manage and organize the shipment of goods from a manufacturer, market, customer or final point of distribution. Job of a Freight Forwarding Company The forwarding company will determi