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Ocean freight loading at night
Safe Ocean Freight Services
We can manage ocean freight from the USA to Hong Kong, and every ocean gateway in between, Zircon delivers safely and efficiently.
Air Freight Services
Zircon USA Logistics deals with small express freight shipments to large scale projects.
Reliable Truck Freight Services
Zircon USA Logistics provides truck freight to all North American gateways. We'll handle all of the details and make sure our freight arrives safely.
Train Freight Services
Zircon USA Logistics can help you ship freight anywhere in North America.

Ocean Freight

Zircon Logistics (USA) provides global ocean freight services to and from all global ports. Zircon's extended ocean carrier base opens the world’s seaways to you. We can manage ocean freight from the USA to Hong Kong, or from Singapore to the USA and every ocean gateway in between, Zircon delivers safely and efficiently.

Air Freight

Zircon Logistics (USA) specializes in providing expert international air freight forwarding services to individuals or companies large and small. Whether you are looking to ship small express shipments or large scale projects, our air cargo services are well equipped with a large network across the globe. Whether your importing or exporting your shipments are handled with optimal care, delivered on time and secure.

Intermodal & Rail Freight

Zircon Logistics (USA) offers rail freight services throughout the United States and North America. We work directly with major North America rail roads and owner operators to provide the best routes and service. By moving freight throughout North America with an intermodal carrier (rail and truck) we are able to cuts costs, increasing security and reducing any potential losses by you.

Truck Freight

Let Zircon Logistics (USA) take the heavy lifting out of moving your cargo to various cartage cities from across the United States. Whether it’s computer shipping, perishable cargo, government freight, or self-propelled units we're capable of finding you the best rates - Door-to-Door, Door-to-Port, Port-to-Port or Port-to-Door - Leave the details to Zircon.

Get a quote for your freight & shipping needs

Whether you have a small express shipment or a large scale shipping project, we take pride in our service and ability to get freight where it needs to go safely and at the best prices. Let us handle the details.

As a freight forwarder, Zircon Logistics (USA) specializes in helping our clients safely import and export their freight and cargo to and from anywhere in the world.   You’ll quickly appreciate our attention to detail and fast response times.  With years of experience as freight forwarders we will find the most efficient and effective solution for your import and export needs at any given budget.

We can help with:

  • Containerized Shipments
  • Air Freight Shipping
  • Train Freight Shipping
  • Import and Export of goods to Asia, North America, Europe and the world.
  • Tracking inland transportation, preparation of shipping and export documents, warehousing, booking cargo space, negotiating freight charges, freight consolidation, cargo insurance, and filing of insurance claims

You can rest easy and leave the details of your freight shipment to Zircon USA.  Fill out any one of our quick contact forms or request a quick-response quote and one of our agents will contact you shortly to verify any needed details, answer any questions you may have and provide pricing.

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